Read how the Ministry of Sista Sepia has Blessed others!!!!!

Tell us how the Ministry of Sista Sepia has Blessed you!!!!!

Sista Sepia what a joy you are! Thank you for the beautiful performance you gave at the Strictly Media event on March 29th. Your performance of "The Age" always seems to uplift me and I'm always amazed to see how it captivates the audience. Your professionalism and enthusiasm is very much appreciated and the energy that you put forth to deliver your message with conviction and clarity is to be truly admired. Keep up the wonderful work that you're doing and may our Lord continue to use you.

~ Lanada Chanel, Strictly Media, LLC
I'm so very proud to have you for a sister.I know that you will do well. I also want you to know your web page made me cry because I'm so very proud of you.

~ Nikki
Sista Sepia is a phenomenal spoken word artist and performer. It was such a blessing to have her present her latest piece "Possibilities" at our 2nd Annual Small Business Conference and Networking Mixer. Sepia, as she is affectionately called, managed to keep our audience on the edge of their seats and even had everyone willingly participating in the performance. She did a great job of uplifting and inspiring our group again through her amazing blessing of professionalism, eloquence and grace. She delivered a riveting and undeniably appropriate performance and I look forward to having her participate in future events sponsored by MyTrueBiz.

~ Lisa & Mark McDonald, Hosts & Sponsors
2nd Annual MyTrueBiz Small Business Conference & Networking Mixer 2007
During both events, I was blessed by Sis. Sepia and her ministry. I am a new entrepreneur trying to launch out and would love to have Sis. Sepia minister "Possibilities" in song again. Even though I am just starting out and not known quite yet, my theme is "celebrating success" - I want to speak positive words over my business, because we know that there is life and death in the tongue, and I want to speak life. Sis. Sepia ministers about possibilities, potential, that is speaking life into our lives and I think that is wonderful, that is encouraging for those of us who are just starting out.

~ Linda Brooks
As always you ALWAYS and CONTINUOUSLY BLESS ME!!!! My constant thoughts of you and your growth are blessings to me and are a shining example to this 55 year old woman that God is alive and constantly working in our lives. He is using you to keep me on my toes.........keep me, about HIM! I love you with all my heart continue to know you are your Auntie's Girl.
Sista Sepia is one of the very people in my life who have inspired me to step out on faith and do what God had planned for my life with "Food For Your Soul" through my company, No Junk Productions. Just watching what God was doing in Sista Sepia's life made me realize that we're not promised tomorrow and if I wanted to start making a positive difference in this world, I'd better start doing it in a way that would help feed life into people and not death. Sista Sepia doesn't just talk the talk in her ministry, she walks the walk. I've seen her go through many trials and tribulations, but she always comes out with a new burst of energy and an unconditional love for Jesus Christ. Sista Sepia's ministry is very complex, but not complicated. God has groomed her to be a blessing to many and wants her to impact one life at a time. Her ministry starts at home and travels globally. I pray God will allow me to go along for the journey of a lifetime as God opens many doors for Sista Sepia and as she continues to bless her husband and her daughters with her unconditional love and kind and gentle spirit as she dies to herself, yet lives and breathes a mighty woman of God in Christ.

~ India Hines, President
No Junk Productions